SE Farms

A premier sporthorse breeding program based in Oregon featuring BWB stallion Clair de Lune. Owner Rose Sullivan partners with several professionals around the nation to showcase her stallion's offspring, such as Northwest Vintage SE ridden by trainer Katrine Nielsen of OTLE, with the goal to provide quality competition horses in the equestrian market.

Thoroughbred Rehab Center

TRC has worked tirelessly for many years to ensure a second chance for racehorses that no longer want to be, or can be racehorses. Katrine has worked with TRC's creator, Leigh Gray, for 20 years taking OTTB's and finding them happy and successful second careers. OTLE's Secret Command is a TRC sourced partner.

Helping Hands Horse Rescue and Equine Therapy

One might think that running a top notch breeding farm would be enough work, but Rose Sullivan has put her passions into Helping Hands Horse Rescue and Equine Therapy where humans and horses can come together to learn and heal. Helping hands provides several programs to help address human struggles, focusing on military and VA families, foster children, and residential treatment groups.