Our Approach

Our Story

How it all began

On the Line Equestrian’s (OTLE) owner and operator, Katrine Nielsen, started her riding journey right here at Rancho Royale in 1990.  As a child she rode as often as her parents could manage, but this kept her to weekends for several years. Never phased, she worked hard over the years to get more time at the barn until she was eventually leasing her own horse and going to horse shows.  Working with trainers Lotte Swauger and Laurie Canty she was introduced to the world of 3-day eventing. Katrine has ridden in clinics with some of our nation’s top 3-day event, dressage, and jumper riders, and was a working student for five years under Olympian Amy Tryon at her barn in Washington.  While working and riding for Amy she groomed at national and international competitions for her.

Katrine returned to school in 2010 to pursue a graduate degree in education, but horses would continue to be a part of her life.  During that time she helped a local friend and trainer with riding, teaching, and some barn management while her friend travelled to horse shows. Katrine moved to Missouri in 2014 to finish her degree, but she struggled to find anywhere local to ride. While in Missouri she did substitute teaching and in-class support for the local middle and high school. While Katrine enjoyed her experiences as an academic educator, she recognized that it did not fill the void of leaving the horse world.

After moving back to California and slowly picking up catch rides for her former mentor, Laurie Canty, Katrine started to settle into the horse business once again.  Upon purchasing her off the track thoroughbred (OTTB) Secret Command and gathering consistent rides on several other young OTTBs, she decided to officially pursue her childhood dream.  She has a special knack for OTTBs and schooling young horses. Whether competition focused or a daily rider, she wants to ensure that you have a journey you look forward to with your horse.  She believes in the importance of a well rounded discipline education and spends time collaborating with all types of trainers. OTLE will pursue an active show and clinic schedule, and offers lessons, training, and sales services.